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Crenshaw Creations

Sharon Crenshaw

BETRUEBU.COM is an African-American owned online dating site that was created to celebrate creating healthy relationships for women of color in the LGBTQ+ community. On our site we encourage conversations instead of swiping. For example, when matches come up for a user the user will see the matches life motto/purpose before they see what they look like. Just simply put the mouse on the picture and she will be revealed. We just feel love is more than a pretty face.

In addition to having many ways to communicate with others on the site, we also include online speed dating sessions and web conference forums. In the forum sessions we discuss topics that range from serious topics to light topics the group has voted on to discuss.

Our site doesn't promise "the one." Even though that is not impossible, our goal is to expand your circle of friends, get you some dates, and support you in your journey to love in the light.