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Jason R. Nelson

Apollus is a full-service management and administrative services firm. We offer a range of operations, project management, program management, and technical services to organizations looking to off-load and outsource.

At Apollus, we see a world where the rate of change increases by the day. This requires a flexibility and nimbleness to learn and adapt quickly. These are attributes often identifiable with connectors, cross-functional strategists, and professionals hybrid in the way they approach problem-solving. It is increasingly valuable to know “a little about everything” — to see the verticals and silos of the world and help navigate/facilitate the cross-sections where creative solutions exist.

That is where Apollus comes in: a firm possessing the breadth of knowledge and skills, is a purveyor of context, and synthesizes domain expertise. At Apollus, we wear many hats. We see and understand how all the puzzle pieces of an organization and project fit together to make one amazing and compelling image.