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APD Consulting Group, LLC

401 West Hargett Street Apartment 130, Raleigh NC 27603

Albert P DuPontAPD Consulting Group, LLC was started in 2016. Its mission is to provide high quality professional development opportunities to leaders who are looking to develop themselves and members of their teams.

Investing in the growth of leaders’ businesses, the strength of their team, or their own personal development is the key to long-term success. The leadership methods used are a set of professional skills trainings that include workshops, seminars, keynote presentations, and weekly courses for teams, managers, entrepreneurs, executives, and individuals who want to advance their career.

Using proven professional growth and development systems, APD Consulting Group helps improve your professional skills so you can reach your career goals; lead a successful business that generates the income you desire; become a better speaker who communicates with confidence; experience the reward of coaching others to success; and more.