Virtual Business Roundtable November 2020

Virtual Business Roundtable 2020

Next Event: November 4, 2020 @ 7:00 PM

Were you able to join last month’s RBPN Virtual Business Roundtable? If so, we hope you enjoyed hearing from such a diverse group of experts sharing their unique knowledge and fascinating insights. If not, don’t worry — there’s another one just around the corner!

Similar to our September roundtable, the upcoming event will be done via Zoom and will feature a variety of panelists representing a broad array of industries. Each of the nine panelists will have five minutes in which to share their information, with a little time at the end for general Q&A.

The panel will consist of the following individuals and touch on the following topics:

Finance, Banking, and Therapy! Oh my!

  • Lorraine Johnson - Navigating difficult economic times
  • Sybil Harris - Business Banking
  • Jason Luk - Personal Banking
  • Lisa Allred - Stress Management

What We Do!

  • Angela Haas - Family Law FAQs
  • Benjamin Whitehurst - Sleep Coaching
  • Saima Cardwell - Supplier Diversity

Views on Government

  • Andrew Terrell - From NC to Japan to Peru to UK to DC and back!
  • Stan Kimer - Day After Election Day – Going Forward the Next Four Years

We’d love to have you join us as a panelist or as an attendee! In either case, you can register at this link:

If you would like to be a panelist, please submit your response via registering by October 23rd; if you would like to listen in as an attendee, be sure to register by October 30th.

We look forward to what promises to be another wonderful time together and hope you can join us!

-RBPN Board of Directors

Interested in being a panelist, but not sure what to discuss? Here are some ideas to help jumpstart your brainstorming process:
  • What do you wish others knew about your work?
  • What top three myths can you dispel about your industry?
  • From the standpoint of your work, what actions can people proactively take to improve their current life or future state?
  • What unique engagement opportunities exist right now for business owners in the Triangle?
  • How are businesses effectively reaching their customers and maintaining revenue?
  • What technologies beyond Zoom are businesses using to remain connected with their employees and clients?
  • What are some ways business owners have partnered with other businesses to yield positive results for both parties?
  • What community resources exist and have been successfully used by business owners in the Triangle to alleviate the COVID-related impact?
  • How are companies keeping their employees engaged?
  • What is being done to retain company culture for those working remotely?
  • How can the greater LGBTQ community help local LGBTQ-owned businesses, beyond purchasing goods/services?